100% Aussie Grown

More than just supporting the growers in our community – and even above allowing multi-generational family farms to continue. Supporting Australian growers allows us to keep the knowledge of how to grow our food alive in Australia.

Supporting Australian Grown means that the carefully constructed regulations which make Aussie grown produce such high quality and so SAFE are regulations our community gets a say in.

Buying as local as possible keeps food fresher and carbon footprints small.

Supporting Australian Farmers who pay regulated, fair wages to their helpers keeps money out of the hands of growers who use forced labour or child labour to make their living. 

Australia has set the bar high for our farmers allowing us to make one simple choice and rule out lots of nasties. Buy Australian Grown.


100% of Real Food Grocers fresh produce is Australian Grown.

We think there are loads of benefits to this – and one of them is to reconnect our community with the seasonality of food. Aussies are pretty lucky and lots of the food we eat grows somewhere in this massive country year round. But at Real Food Grocer, we think it’s important to buy things at their best, their closest to home and really enjoy things at their peak. Meaning that our mixed boxes are not only Aussie – but they are focusing on the best of whats grown nearby – preferably within our delivery area.

We’ve got growers in Clyde, Wandin, Seville, Narre Warren, Somerville – and even a little farming oasis we visit regularly right by Moorabbin Airport. We love to build our mixed box around the simple question “whats good right now?”

Real Food Grocers ethics are so important to us.

We’d like to share them with you