ALL YOUR GROCERIES MENU – Delivery Week 2 Oct – 8 Oct

This week is going to be busy for lots of folks so we have built the menu around meals that have elements you can prepare in advance.

On the day I get my delivery I am going to:

  • Make a quick radish pickle
  • Make a carrot dip
  • Marinade chicken (or mushrooms for the vegans….. though to be fair in our house we do both) in a marinade made from a whizzed up fresh garlic, fresh chilli and a heft squeeze of lemon juice.
  • marinate some chicken & tofu in sriracha, soy and a squeeze of honey
  • grate carrot and beetroot raw and dress with lemon juice and olive oil to keep them from going brown

All these goodies will get popped in the fridge for later in the week. Doing these quick tasks makes my first four meals on this list more about assembling ingredients rather than cooking something complex.


Smashed Avo on toast with a poached egg, mushies on toast. Toast with peanut butter


Leftovers! Egg on toast, curries roast veg on toast.


Spicy popcorn, apple slices with nut butter, fruit or chocky!


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