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Set up your faves as subscribed items for weekly, fortnightly & monthly delivery then each week your shopping takes just a few clicks to skip items you still have in the fridge or add one or two specials so you can try a new recipe.

Kick The Fast Food Habit

When you have a fridge full of exactly the kind of fresh produce & sensible groceries it’s much easier to avoid the “convenience” of pizza delivery. Combine these delicious goodies with some practical serving suggestions from our blog and you’re eating like royalty.

No more Googling in the Aisles

Checking if something contains palm oil is never as easy as reading the ingredients list – with no labelling legislation, tricky pseudonyms and it’s prevalence in non food grocery items having RFG do the checking for you is a real load off. In fact our store only contains items free of Palm oil, Slave Labour, Animal Cruelty (including no cage eggs…not one, not ever)….Now isn’t that a load off?!

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Good For The Planet


Saving over 15k cartons from landfill each year by reusing packaging.


Illegally lit peatland fires in Borneo account for 25% of global sources of greenhouse gas emissions. Fires are used to clear the land for palm oil plantations because it is cheaper than bulldozing.


Approximate number of single use bags we kept our of circulation last year – not including the ones they put your bananas in.


2.26 million TONNES of food is wasted and sent to landfill by primary production (farming and the food manufacturing industry) in Australia each year. Much of this waste is edible “ugly” produce.

Our potential to change the earths future is unlimited. If we work together to solve the problems that stand in our way.

Which is why Real Food Grocer is dedicated to reducing waste:
– In Your home
– In Our Warehouse
– In the Supply Chain

Make your grocery shopping an act of goodness.

Your account is FREE and we don’t charge you for your order until a day or so before your delivery.